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adult breastfeeding shortstories - Adult Breastfeeding Compilation 8

Breastfeeding Leads To New Pleasures For Hubby - My husband jostles my shoulder, until, finally I stir from my deep sleep. As any new mom will tell you, sleep, especially deep sleep, is a precious commodity. Adult Breastfeeding (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships) The Beginning of an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships He was sitting on the couch watching a football game when he heard the door down the hallway open.

A mother's thoughts while intimately nursing her son. Mature man enjoys erotic couplings with younger female boss. You suckle my tits and fulfill your breastfeeding fantasy. Jess and her firstborn breed and make a baby. and other exciting erotic stories at! The plot involves adult breastfeeding (lactation). All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen. EXCERPT: It was comfortable. She .

I guess I knew I had a problem when my three little ones were born. I was never the guy that got excited by my wife’s pregnancy but it was an entirely different matter all together when she began to nurse our kids. I found it so erotic to see the milk coming out of . A young mother separates from her son. A dairy farm tour goes horribly wrong for a lactating milf. Jason's young wife and her best friend complicate life. Breastfeeding daughter gets close to daddy. Tracy is humiliated by her fellow passengers. and other exciting erotic stories at!