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Oct 22,  · Transforming perspectives on lifelong learning and adult education, a dialogue Laura Formenti and Linden West, London: Palgrave Macmillan, , pp., £, eBook, ISBN ; Hardcover ISBN £ Feb 10,  · Adult Education Quarterly (AEQ) is a quarterly scholarly refereed journal committed to advancing the understanding and practice of adult and continuing education. AEQ aims to stimulate a problem-oriented, critical approach to research and practice, with an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

Within the last decade, institutions and programs geared toward serving adult students have been profiled in a number of sources, including Lifelong Learning at Its Best: Innovative Practices in Adult Credit Programs (Maehl ) and volumes of New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, including one on accelerated learning (Wlodkowski. Jan 15,  · The primary themes focused on 1) the need to reframe adult learning from a perspective of learner autonomy and creativity, 2) the need to create alternative education pathways for adults that address constraints such as time, concern for family, and differences in motivation between child students and adult learners, and 3) the need for human.

Adult Education videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Adult Education. This category contains articles about adult education programs in a number of fields, ranging from architecture and education to psychology and social sciences. The articles .

Mar 08,  · A number of adult education centres will close as new lockdown rules come into force. Kent Adult Education, which runs almost 4, courses across the county, said learning will be moved online. May 18,  · The US population is more educated today than ever before. In fact, almost % of Americans hold a Master’s or Doctorate degree. But the rise in demand for graduate education has only driven.