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rows · Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual . an adult femdom themed interactive fiction game by Dashfire Thank you for your interest in KaiserinReich. KaiserinReich is an open world interactive fiction game based in the world of KaiserinReich at the dawn of the 20th century. KaiserinReich is a strictly hierarchical, deeply misandrous society.

Jul 11,  · For TADs games, look for a engine called HTML-TADS. It runs both TADS2 and 3. Also, it has a "games library" as a splash page. Link to post. TempestKilday. Posted July 1, TempestKilday. Adult Gaming ; Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) Theme. . Interactive Fiction Eastern Eclipse (NSFW 18+) Dive into the sinful world of yakuzas in a story of love, war, lust and betrayal.

Find Interactive Fiction NSFW games like Our Apartment, Irresistible, The Cat Opened The Door, Halfway House, Finding A Place on, the indie game hosting marketplace. Blackheart Games is creating adult interactive fiction (18+) Select a membership level. HENCHMAN. $2. per month. Join. Access to the Renders before new versions come out! (Winner chosen at Random) among others in this Tier or high, to choose a render of their choice, to be added in game Also special excess to Discord chats and polls. And.