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Saucytime is a web app that enables FaceTime video chat with real women. While the service is only compatible with iPad and iPhone, this is still a great way to connect with real models. 6 Best Apps to Video Chat Between iPhone and Android Users. Namrata Gogoi FaceTime is a solid video chat app, and it's one of the most popular apps among Apple users. The best thing.

But why so much uphill battle to get GIFs when you have apps for it? I have listed out 7 best GIF apps available for Android and iPhone.. These apps will let you convert images to GIFs, create it using your smartphone camera, allows you to download and share it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other mediums. Have a look. Also Read: Best Calligraphy Apps for iPhone and iPad. Price: Free, (Unlock All features – $) Download. 2. Cursive Converter. The charm of cursive writing is something else altogether! And this app helps you learn cursive writing while improving your handwriting skills as well.

Adult coloring books are a trend in stress relief, but you don't necessarily need a physical book and colored pencils to enjoy some of the benefits. Chroma is an adult coloring book app that uses the power of technology to let you color stroke by stroke with a convenient option to help you stay within the lines. And, thanks to a slew of adult-themed apps, the iPhone made exploring X-rated Internet content on the go all too easy for Apple’s liking. So the company hit back.

There are plenty of iPhone VR apps in the App Store, and provided you’re wearing a suitable headset you can have all the fun of VR with iPhones from the iPhone SE onwards. 6. Brain Training. Simply put, “Brain Training” is a top-notch app for Android users. What sets it apart from many other similar apps is 15 types of games including quick search, focus, concentration, quick decision, and more. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of skills you are willing to improve, it can help you get rid of flaws and sharpen the mind through constructive training.