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A virtually identical pattern of MTS2/p15 deletion was detected in these patients: p15 was deleted in 37 of 38 cases with p16 deletion, and p15 was not deleted in any ppositive specimens. P16/p15 deletions were significantly related to poor prognosis factors including age under 1 year (P. MTS1 but not MTS2 RNA was detected by Northern blotting in the human thymus. These data strongly suggest that MTS1 is the functional target of rearrangements in T-ALL. MTS1 inactivation, observed in at least 80% of T-ALL, is the most consistent genetic defect found in this disease to date.

Adult T cell leukemia-lymphoma (ATL) is a mature T cell malignancy that generally presents with widespread involvement of lymph nodes, peripheral blood, and/or skin. Although ATL is often highly aggressive, the clinical presentation is variable and, in some cases, it is an indolent disorder. MTS1/p16INK4A/CDKN2, MTS2/p15INK4B, p53, and Rb. Homozygous MTS2 deletions were observed in 16 of 24 T-ALL cases and in 1 of 31 B-lineage ALLs (P MTS2 gene, showing that one deletion breakpoint was located between the two genes within a kb region.

Latest News Changes to File Uploads on MTS 5th Feb at PM EST. Hi all, As part of a larger revamp of the site, I've made the following changes today to the file upload system here on MTS: [list][*]You may now no longer upload split archives (this means archives broken into multiple chunks that *require* every chunk to be able to rejoin, aka,, . Heracles and Hebe Clothing (Adult Male/Female): Alexasrosa at MTS2 Lucius: Roman Family (BIG pack of clothing for child through elder, both genders): alexasrosa at MTS2 Roman Armor Body Mesh (Adult Male): DBCAB at MTS2.