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Ceramic bracket braces: Ceramic braces move teeth just as efficiently as metal braces, except the brackets are clear, so they are less noticeable. They are most popular with adult patients due to their cosmetic appeal. The only drawbacks to ceramic brackets are that they are more fragile, and the elastic ties can discolor between orthodontic. Braces work as well in adults as in children. If you do not like you smile I would encourage you to see an orthodontist for orthodontic treatment. I use a clear braces system in my office called SimpliClear. It use clear wire and clear brackets which blend in well with the teeth so as not to be unsightly.

Dr. Couch opted for treatment as an adult because he did not have braces as a child. Always self-conscious about his smile, he felt the time was right to perfect his teeth. He started treatment in April and his teeth already look perfectly straight. Without question, he says he recommends orthodontic treatment to other adults. Braces are no longer as scary as many teens may think. In fact, braces today come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors making life with braces much easier, more comfortable, and even more stylish than in the past. There are several treatment options to choose from, including traditional metal, ceramic, invisible braces and Invisalign®.

Adult Braces for West Coastal Florida. Many adults are finally getting the dream smile they’ve always wanted. At Hess Orthodontics, we believe that no matter what age, you deserve the perks of a natural and confident smile. Nearly 25% of orthodontic patients are adults who have opted to . More Adults Are Pursuing Orthodontics. You’re never too old to benefit from orthodontic treatment. Today, adults make up about one in every five orthodontic patients. Here’s why: Looking Good. Orthodontic treatment can help correct crooked teeth or spaces that .

Invisalign and Braces for Adults in Germantown and Arlington TN. Many people wonder about the difference between dentistry and orthodontics. Dental treatment focuses on the health of your teeth, while orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that concentrates on something called malocclusions – which simply means how your teeth fit together. Dec 22,  · It depends on your treatment, but the average adult has braces for 18 months to 3 years. It usually costs between $5, and $6, Other braces: If having a Author: Rachel Reiff Ellis.