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adult ringworm picture - husband takes pictures while brunette wife gets bbc

Ringworm is characterized by a red ring of small blisters or a red ring of scaly skin that grows outward as the infection spreads. Though children are especially susceptible to catching ringworm, it can affect adults as well. Apr 23,  · Ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis): scaly, crusty, itchy, red, circular bald spot that may grow or spread into multiple spots. Hair may become dry and brittle. More common in children. Ringworm of the groin (tinea cruris, "jock itch"): .

Images of Tinea Corporis (Ringworm of Body) Close Video. Overview. Tinea infections are commonly called ringworm because some may form a ring-like pattern on affected areas of the body. Tinea corporis, also known as ringworm of the body, tinea circinata, or simply ringworm, is a surface (superficial) fungal infection of the skin. Oct 13,  · For most healthy adults, ringworm is a mild infection that clears easily with topical antifungal treatments. However, you should always seek medical attention for children, the elderly, or those with suppressed immunity because, unchecked by the body's defense system, ringworm may cause serious skin infections%(76).

Oct 11,  · The treatment for ringworm depends on its location on the body and how serious the infection is. Some forms of ringworm can be treated with non-prescription (“over-the-counter”) medications, but other forms of ringworm need treatment with prescription antifungal medication. Jan 18,  · Ringworm is a common fungal skin disorder otherwise known as "tinea" or dermatophytosis. It is caused by a fungus that can live on skin, surfaces like gym floors, and household items like towels, bedding, and clothes. While there are multiple forms of ringworm, the most common forms affect. the skin on the body; the scalp; the feet ("athlete's.

Aug 09,  · Ringworm, or tinea corporis, is a fungal infection of the skin that is not caused by worms. Ringworm often starts as an itchy, reddish, ring-shaped rash that can be anywhere on your body. You can easily treat a mild case of ringworm at home with antifungal lotions or creams. More severe cases may require a doctor’s visit and prescription 84%(20). Oct 28,  · Ringworm isn’t a worm. It’s a skin infection that’s caused by moldlike fungi that live on the dead tissues of your skin, hair, and can get it in any of these places -- .