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The main tumors starting in these cells are called astrocytomas or glioblastomas. Oligodendrocytes make myelin, a fatty substance that surrounds and insulates the nerve cell axons of the brain and spinal . Sep 20,  · Irvine, Calif. -- Researchers at the UC Irvine Reeve-Irvine ResearchCenter have used adult human neural stem cells to successfullyregenerate damaged spinal cord tissue and improve mobility in .

Umbilical cord MSCs appear to lack some immune properties compared with adult stem cells (the immune system doesn’t recognise them to induce an immune response). 2. Umbilical cord MSC’s lack . Spinal cord stem cells can help repair after injury.

Jun 17,  · In contrast, a fetal or adult CNS (central nervous system—the brain and spinal cord) stem cell may give rise to neurons, astrocytes, or oligodendrocytes, depending on the signals it receives and its three-dimensional environment within the brain tissue. . I’m convinced that endogenous stem cells in the spinal cord—those naturally born there by the million, every hour, even in spinal cord injured adults—represent an important therapeutic target. Through the .