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There are many therapeutic benefits to spanking. A submissive finds therapy, stress-relief, and a sense of calm through the relinquishment of their power. Giving someone total control over you. I find this request fairly frequently in my inbox. I don't have a problem with obliging. However, my determination to give a painful spanking coupled with my enjoyment of the reciprocal sting on my hand tends to lead to getting a little carried away.

Spanking/Punishment Generators Posted on August 6, by redbottomranter For those of you who want to be spanked but want someone else to have the control, there are always a . The cornerstone of spanking therapy is the maintenance spanking. This is a regular spanking administer not for fun or punishment, but for mental conditioning.

Whether you wish a structured discipline scene, a harsh punishment or a therapeutic release type spanking, I would be happy to provide you with that. Please note that I am not interested in “being served” unless it is part of a structured role play. I view myself purely as a spanker and/or disciplinarian. 7. I know, when reading about spanking experiences, that spankees often say they cannot cry as a result of their discipline. I have always felt that not only tears but a good sobbing should come by the end of a good session over the knee. Do your typical naughty nieces and nephews cry or sob during a discipline .

While it always involves bum bumping, what qualifies as spanking therapy is up for debate. For example, as sex worker and sex educator Corey More explains, spanking therapy is any . The added intimacy is a healthy element of the process.) There are two basic rhythms that one can use in a discipline spanking: consistent and escalating. A spanker can also choose to mix things up, spanking different areas of the bottom, or adopt a left – right – left – right pattern.