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civic adult education, voca tional adult education and health adult education. Literacy Education Since the ultimate aim of development is to ma ke it possible for people to have a better life. Andragogy, as defined in The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, is “the art and science of helping adults learn ” (Knowles, Holton III, & Swanson, , p. 61). Many adult learning experts agree that there are major differences between how children learn and how adults learn.

Sep 18,  · At the University of Ibadan, he served as Head of Department of Adult Education, Director of Extra-Mural Studies, Dean, Faculty of Education, Pioneer Coordinator General Studies, Professor and Pioneer Provost, College of Education. Professor Akinpelu was also the Foundation Professor/ Director, Center for Continuing Education, University of. Brockett, ) adult education is complicated, difficult to define and impossible to articulate, hence, they noted that it encompasses lots of activities and methods which are used to educate adults. The difficulty in the definition of the term adult education seems to rest on the word „adult‟. According to Kagan and Meidow (n.d).

Adult Education. The concept of adult education is defined by many institutions and people in different ways.(Duman (). While defines adult-oriented and non-professional activities, the Adult Education Terms Glossary provides a very comprehensive definition of UNESCO adult education;. range of adult education practice domains in Maine and elsewhere. Creating a “community of learners” and modeling other adult education practices is a central goal of this course. Goal To provide an understanding of principal theoretical traditions in adult education and their historical roots.