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You can use a polyurethane condom instead of a latex condom. Polyurethane generally won't cause an allergic reaction. Try different lubricants and make notes in your journal of symptoms or reactions. Water based lubricants work well with condoms and may not cause an allergic reaction. The most common reason is either an STI or an allergic reaction. You or your partner may be allergic to an ingredient found in condoms or lubricants without knowing it. However, the common allergen is a protein found in natural rubber or latex.

Sep 14,  · If a person has an allergic reaction after using a condom, latex may not be the culprit. Many condom manufacturers coat their products in substances such as spermicide and lubricant. These can. An allergic reaction to condoms can be felt by the person wearing the condom or the person they’re having sex with. The most common reasons for this reaction is either an allergy to the latex the condom is made from, or an allergy to an added ingredient such as spermicide. How to know if you’re allergic to condoms.

Jun 07,  · Again, it's probable that a person who experiences burning, redness, itching, pain, or swelling on contact with a lubricant isn't allergic to the product as a whole, but rather, sensitive to one or. Jan 18,  · Condom allergy can occur in women as well as in men. Most of the condom allergy in women is caused due to the use of latex rubber condom. A woman may often be allergic to latex rubber or spermicide gel and lubricant which is present in the condom. This symptoms associated with the allergic reaction may last from a few minutes to several hours.