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You can purchase a basic, no-frills lawn water slide that is little more than a long, wet piece of plastic for as little as $ These water slides may be basic, but most usually do the job that they are supposed to do. From $25 to $60, you will find a diverse selection of lawn water slides. The models in this price range may be themed, support. We provide inflatable water slides for adults for sale from East Inflatables manufacturer, buy inflatable water slide with a great selection from our inventory, we supply commercial grade inflatable water slide with 18oz anti tear vinyl PVC and double reinforced technology: durable and safe. The advantage of us to other cheap inflatable manufacturers are that wholesale price, .

TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide XL - Inflatable Crash pad and Central Spray Channel for Races. (31ft) by TEAM MAGNUS. , $$& FREE Shipping. Details. 5 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase. Fun in the Sun. We have so much fun with this slip and slide, little kids to adults use it.. 7 rows · Feb 14,  · Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Inflatable Water Slides. Bestway H20GO! Mount Splashmore.

Dec 21,  · Another amazing adult water slide is the CE PVC Tallest Commercial Grade Giant Adult Water Slide. This water slide is huge! It is thick and heavily durable, as the company that makesthis awesome water slideensures that durability by triple stitchingthe product seamsand adds extra reinforcements by adding PVC stripes. Inflatable water slides in general are a party waiting to happen. They are great for people of all ages, due to their strength. However, water slides are basically designed for the young – ages 5 to Yes adults can use water slides, but they should not be over a certain weight class due to stability problems.

Buying guide for best inflatable water slides. Cooling off in a pool on a hot summer day is fun, especially for kids. But the costs involved with buying, installing, operating, and maintaining a pool can be overwhelming. That’s why some smart homeowners are forgoing the whole swimming pool experience in favor of an inflatable water slide.