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Clitorodynia is a subset of localized Vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is a chronic pain issue that affects the vulvar area or external genitals, including the clitoris. The pain can be provoked (tight clothing or touch) or unprovoked clitordynia (unknown cause). (1) Many women have vulvodynia flare-ups that cause serious clitoral pain as well. “Clitorodynia” is an abnormal pain of the clitoris. Typical symptoms are a sharp, stabbing pain or a rawness/irritation of the clitoris that can be exacerbated by touch, walking, wearing tight underwear or moving at certain angles.

If you're having a painful clitoris, try this first: have someone check it out up close with a flashlight while you pull back the hood (or try to look yourself with a mirror). When I had a very painful, sensitive clitoris, it hurt anytime I moved, shifted, wiped, etc. I had my husband take . The clitoris contains thousands of nerve endings, which makes it extremely sensitive. Most women feel pleasure when their clitoris is sexually stimulated. But some women may experience chronic pain in their clitoris during sexual and daily activities. Not much is known about clitoral pain.

Pain and discomfort in the vulva (vulvodynia) is a common cause of clitoris pain, as are skin irritations from rashes or household chemicals. Recurring infections or cancer may also cause clitoris pain. In other cases, clitoris pain may be related to a chronic underlying disease that affects other regions of . My clitoris is very sensitive and has been for as long as I can remember. It is painful to touch directly (like being poked with toothpicks), and uncomfortable to touch indirectly. It preventing me fr read more.

PGAD causes a number of symptoms, including an intense tingling or itching in the clitoris and genital throbbing or pain. Some people also experience spontaneous orgasm. What you can do If you. Clitoral pain Pain in the clitoris (instead of discomfort brought on by sex) is uncommon. In most cases, it’s due to vulvodynia. This is a condition where the vulva — or parts of it — becomes tender.