Pomelo Commercial Audition - condom commercial in 1991


condom commercial in 1991 - Pomelo Commercial Audition

Jun 19,  · Viewers first saw condom TV ads in , when Fox Television became the first major network to accept them. Today, three of the six networks -- CBS, Fox, and NBC -- allow condom commercials, but. Oct 13,  · Kamasutra Condom Advertisement () Actress Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson’s Kamasutra Condom commercial released in The ad showed the two of them under a shower. But this commercial was banned by Doordarshan for hurting the sensitivities of family-oriented audience.

Nov 19,  · Nov. 19, 12 AM PT American television history of sorts took place on Fox Broadcasting Co. on Sunday night when the maverick network brushed aside a long-held taboo by nationally broadcasting a. The second ad for Trojan brand condoms was run by the Fox television network. The ad was accompanied by the line, to help reduce the risk. This met Fox's criteria that the ad could only be aimed at promoting condoms for the prevention of STDs rather than vulvas.xyz: Barron T.

Herman's Head FOX aired its first condom commercial during Herman's Head show in It was the first condom commercial to air nationwide, and is often mistakenly thought to be the first condom commercial ever broadcast. TV Shows Added August 22nd, by Devis.