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Oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly can damage the condom and keep it from working. Protect and enhance your pleasure with Trojan condoms, lubricants, and vibrations from America's most trusted sexual health brand for years.

What DOES definitely degrade latex condoms is mineral oil (which is a mixture of various non-polar distillates of petroleum, and not necessarily an “oil” made up of very long fatty acids). On the other hand, Vaseline-based lubricants don’t degrade latex very much, although we might think of them as being “oily.”. Using condoms correctly will prevent them breaking, leaking or slipping off during sex. Use only water-based or silicone lubricants, not oil-based. If you lose your erection the condom may slip. Holding the base of the condom will help it stay in place.

Jan 28,  · The best eco-friendly, organic, and vegan condoms, plus the lubes to use with them, as recommended by sex-toy shops from brands like Glyde, Sustain, Sliquid, Aloe Cadabra, Sutil, Uberlube, and vulvas.xyz: Lauren Ro.