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condom on vagina - Inside vagina

Feb 13,  · Here are some of the most common types of allergies that may affect your vagina. 1. Condom Allergy. Latex Condom Allergy. You develop this type of allergy when your partner uses a latex condom. It actually means that your skin is sensitive to latex, a natural substance made of the milky sap of the rubber tree. You develop an allergic reaction. DO use a female condom from start to finish, every time you have vaginal sex.*; DO read the condom package insert and check the expiration date.; DO make sure there are no tears or defects.; DO use lubricant to help prevent the condom from slipping and tearing.; DO store female condoms in a cool, dry place. *Female condoms can also be used for anal sex.

Nov 16,  · According to Dr. Dweck, if a guy loses his erection while his penis is inside his partner's vagina, the condom can slip off, fold up, and become stuck high inside her Anthea Levi. Mar 30,  · “The vaginal canal is only 10 to 12 centimeters long, so typically vagina owners (or their partners) are able to reach the condom,” says Michael Ingber, a board-certified urologist and female.