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However, you may not be aware but many birth control methods aren’t vegan! Condoms commonly contain casein (a protein from milk) so that they are smooth or can even contain lamb intestines talk about turn on! Furthermore, birth control pills often have lactose as a filler and are chock full of animal hormones. Dec 16,  · via Korea Herald; Gina Park, inventor of vegan condoms Instinctus retails sexual healthcare products, including personal lubricants, menstrual cups and Korea’s first vegan condoms. The year-old, along with co-founders Seokjung Kim and Minhyun Seong, began with the clear purpose of making Korean folks’ sexual life wholesome and more Aaron Granger.

Mar 10,  · Sir Richard’s Condom Company—Not only is the entire product line vegan, but for every condom you buy, they donate a condom to a developing country. Now that’s compassionate protection! Glyde—Certified vegan and fair trade; Durex non-latex condoms – Durex’ vegan options include Avanti Ultima, Fetherlite Ultra, and Deluxe. An Australian condom kingpin has made the most of an unusual gap in the market - by launching new 'vegan' products aimed at health conscious .

Vegan Condoms are becoming a favorite category for their no animal and no milk proteins among others. So if you are a vegan why don't you put on a vegan condom? Sort By: Price Price Filter. Shop by price $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ Feb 15,  · Vegan Kimchi – Tangy and delicious, this addicting kimchi recipe is made with cabbage, apple, green onion, gochugaru, garlic and ginger, and is a flavorful side or condiment that is easy to make! Welcome to the world of vegan Kimchi!

While Sustain Natural condoms are not edible, they are certified by the Vegan Awareness Foundation and free of casein, the animal by-product that is found in most condoms . Compared to the regular condoms being made, the materials for vegan condoms usually come from sources that follow labor laws and Fair Trade practices. 4. Good For The Environment. If you are thinking of the environmental implications of your condom use, then opting for vegan condoms is a wise decision.