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The human face is extraordinarily variable, and the extreme similarity of the faces of identical twins indicates that most of this variability is genetically determined. We have devised an approach to increase the chance of identifying specific large genetic effects on particular facial features, by choosing features with high heritability and selecting individuals with relatively extreme. Recently, the new scenario of distinguishing identical twins becomes a challenging problem of traditional face recognition system since the quite strong similarity of their 2D facial appearance and.

Recently, studies carried out in [6][7][8][9] [10] [11] have also proved that facial features and facial recognition systems can be used to tell identical twins apart. However, to the best of our. We describe a pair of identical female twins (twin 1 and twin 2) with a marked disparity in the degree of facial aging. Twin 1's facial skin exhibited extensive deep wrinkling, widespread lentigines, scattered hypopigmentation, and moderate skin laxity ().Although twin 2's facial skin exhibited signs of mild to moderate photoaging (mild fine wrinkling, scattered lentigines, mild-density.

Identical twins are a particularly stringent stress test for facial recognition systems. So when Windows 10 launched, some wondered whether twins could fool Windows Hello, the authentication feature that uses facial and iris recognition. An Australian .