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May 09,  · Your breasts shrinking can is typically a result of unbalanced hormones. Bottom line: Changes in estrogen levels, age and weight loss are generally the elements for shrinking breasts. This is why we suggest taking Bust Bunny breast pills to regulate your estrogen levels preventing your breasts from shrinking. Jan 01,  · The finding of “shrinking” breast glandular volume that we describe occurs earlier than breast atrophy, is secondary to malignant infiltration of glandular tissue, and though subtle, is readily detectable on mammography to the trained by: 5.

Jul 02,  · Shrinking breast Hi. I’m new to this forum. Has anyone experienced breast shrinkage? I noticed a few months ago my right breast was smaller than the left. I wasn’t too concerned but over the last 8 weeks I have noticed a considerable difference in both breasts with some breast & collar bone pain. Was at GP re another. Jan 28,  · If one breast starts shrinking it’s important to know one breast shrinking causes. In some situations, it’s not a serious problem. However, in other cases, it can result from serious conditions including breast cancer. So it’s important to know some of the most common causes.